Got some question? /FAQ

What is MARTZ?

Martz is a Smart Marketing company who can provide you more ways to market your product/services online in a single platform. Allowing you to facilitate your own marketing.

What do you offer?

We offer a platform to send targeted E-mail / SMS Campaigns, Social Media Posting, Coupon creator, and product listing. All these tools in one platform.

We also offer Mobile Application that is available for White Label or SDK. Click here for more details.

What Social Media platforms can be linked to my account?

Currently, you can link your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin profiles. Number of accounts vary according to your registered plan.

Why should I subscribe?

Be updated and get latest announcements by subscribing to our newsletter. No added cost!

Why should I register?

This is a platform for running campaigns without the need of extra manpower. Compose then send/schedule campaigns yourself. Engage your customers in your business with the help of your own mobile apps.

How to register?

Just click the “GET STARTED” button at our homepage or simply click here.

Why is my E-mail account invalid?

Two possible reason why:

1. You are entering personal e-mail address such as @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail etc. which is not considered as business e-mail addresses.
2. The e-mail address you are trying to use is already used by another user. Contact us for assistance.

Do I need credit card for signing up?

No. *put the process of billing clients.

Can I stop my subscription?

Yes, you can terminate your subscription anytime. However, any outstanding balance will not be refunded upon account cancellation. See Terms of Use for details.

If you have more questions, Contact Us and we will be happy to work with you.

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