12 MARTZ features you should be using

Wi-Fi hotspot

MARTZ WiFi Hotspot sign

Your free Wi-Fi can boost profits and bring
tremendous value for your business

  • Transform your WiFi into a marketing, communication and analytics tool.
  • Get valuable data on every single customer connected to your WiFi.

What is Wi-Fi marketing

Proximity marketing is a powerful approach to marketing that involves the use of mobile channels in advertising content communicated to consumers.

Through the use of wi-fi, clients can receive automated messages when they are in a certain place, for example in the proximity of your business.

Customers login to guest wi-fi with their social account, email or phone number.

You can see who they are and instantly send greetings, coupons and ads based on their profiles and visits.

Thus, customers not only appreciate the free wi-fi your business offers, they are also happy to receive any marketing messages you send to them while they are using it.

MARTZ Wi-Fi Hotspot Setup

Key benefits of MARTZ Wi-Fi:

  • Grow your customer contact lists with ease
  • Distribute personal, automated messages
  • Gather in-store analytics
  • Fully branded guest access solution
  • Social Media interaction
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Target advertising (gender/age/location)
  • No Technical Headaches
  • Efficient system
  • Low cost
  • 100% reach
  • Customer Tracking

How does Wi-Fi marketing system work?

  1. Push advertisement

    1. Upload advertising contents to MARTZ
    2. End users connect the Wi-Fi hotspot of MARTZ
    3. MARTZ pushes advertising contents on end users
    4. End users need to read all advertising contents, then free
      internet roaming is available for them
  2. Redirect to advertising website

    1. Configure advertising website redirected
    2. End users connect the WiFi hotspot of MARTZ
    3. MARTZ redirects browser to an advertising website
    4. End users need to stay at the advertising website within
      redirect time
    5. After Redirect time, end users can connect internet freely
  3. Redirect to intranet advertising website

    1. Upload a whole advertising website to MARTZ
    2. End users connect the WiFi hotspot of MARTZ
    3. MARTZ redirects browser to the intranet advertising website
    4. End user visit advertising website
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