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What are coupons?

A coupon is basically a discount voucher. The holder of the coupon will get a discount on a particular product(s) or service.

Coupons are issued by retailers that can be used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions. They are often widely distributed through mail, coupon envelopes, magazines, newspapers, the Internet (social media, email newsletter), directly from the retailer and mobile devices such as cell phones.

Digital coupons

In case of online websites, Coupons usually comes in the form of a code (called coupon code), which consists of combination of numbers & letters.

Instead of having a printed coupon to hand the retailer, customers enters a code in a box during checkout online. It works just like a print coupon, helping them save money when they order.

Public online coupons are released to everyone, and they can be used for unlimited number of times. These codes are readily available on coupon sites all over the Internet.

Benefits of coupons

  • Attract more customers and generate additional traffic. …
  • Minimise advertising costs for business. …
  • Database of customers. …
  • New customers for business. …
  • Get rid of old stocks. …

Creating a coupon

  1. Login
  2. From dashboard select add product & services
  3. Fill the information and choose the coupon code
  4. Submit
Create and View a Coupon